Robotics Project 3

Due: In class demo Dec 20th (part of final time) with papers due the following day.

Overview and Objective:

You're group will clean the place up.

The Possible Projects:

Your group must program a Nao robot to take a can to the recycle bin and put the can in the recycle bin. The following rules apply:
  1. Your group may decorate the recycle bin any way you like to make it easier to find.
  2. Your group can provide me a 'bench' to put the can on so long at it is between 4 and 8 inches high. 
  3. The cans will be the tall skinny can size, I'll provide 3 cans, but if your groups crumple then you may need to get more.
  4. We will use the large empty space near the side whiteboard for the demo.
    1. You will give me your bench, I will put the can on the bench and put the recycle bin elsewhere
    2. I'll put the robot in some third location (almost certainly facing away from the can).
    3. Your robot will need to
      1. find the can,
      2. then pick it up
      3. find the recycle bit
      4. take the can to the bin
      5. deposit the can in the bin

Given our limited time, the green will be extra credit. the base project will be to take the can to the bin and dump the can into the bin.

A few useful notes

these examples might help

have a look at this demo

and this one

The Project report

The project report is a report of what you tried to do, what you did, what you learned and what you accomplished. To make my correcting easier, let me give you guidelines on what I'd like to see in it. Make sure you use section headings to make each section easy to find.