Project 2: Help me select a 'Volunteer'

Objective: To build a more complex app

Due: Oct 14th at 11pm

Summary: You were a quiet class today. I won't always have a quiz to help me randomly select a student to answer the next question so you are going to build me an app to help with that. (as per my email, unfortunately my original plan to have you use sensors won't work with the default emulator that comes with appinventor so I'm backing out and trying something easier)

What you must do:

  1. Represent the first names of all of the students in your class in your program (I recommend a list like we used last week)
  2. Then setup your GUI. Yours doesn't have to look exactly like mine, but there needs to be a way to tell the program to randomly choose a student (I used a button) and a way to show the user their selection, (I used both a label/textbox combo and a notifier)
  3. When the user asks the program to select a student randomly to answer the next question, your program should:
    1.  randomly select a student (hint, if you used a list for step 1 above, look at the list blocks - there is one for picking a random item
    2. then put that student's into your user interface on the screen
    3. put up a notification informing the student of their luck in being chosen
    4. speak your congratulatory message too.
  4. My app looked like this when I asked it to select a random student:
    the look of my app after the apps chooses a student
  5. after the user has used the app to choose 10 students it is time to let the rest of the students off the hook. So change the look of the app and inform the user that we've asked enough questions. Mine looked like this afterward.
    at the end of the program

Submission: Save it as an aia file and submit on blackboard
Save it? Take a look at this: