Comp 151 Project 5

Lets work with excel data

Due: Monday Oct 30th at 11:59pm

Summary: In this project you will grab data from two different excel projects and use it to answer a question.


Grab census data from This Mass census data file.
Grab Employment data from This employment data file

If you look the census data has all Mass cities and towns, oddly enough separated by city or town.
The employment data on the other hand has them all in alphabetical order.

Your program is to report on each city or town, tell its 2010 census count, then its labor force total (from the employment spreadsheet) and finally calculate how many people are not in the labor force for that municipality. (this data is not in the two spreadsheets, use the difference between the census count and the labor force total to calculate this. Either create a new spreadsheet with all three columns, or report it directly by printing to the screen.


Starting this project you need to submit the whole project folder. So name the project itself with your name in the project (jsantoreProject5 for me) and then you can name your python files whatever you want so long as I can tell which python file to run. Remove any old stuff that you don't want me to run.

explain in a readme.txt: