Game Design Project 1:
A simple first project

Due: Sept 28th at 11:59pm (second project will likely be assigned in class that day)


In This project you will build your first HTML5 project. You will create sprite/image. Have it respond to the keyboard (or mouse if you are feeling adventurous) so that it moves around. There should be another object on the screen which is now moving. When  your moving object collides with the non-moving object, the non-moving one should disappear. Many of you are still new to javascript/html5 so I'm assigning a fairly painless first project. As a relaxation of the syllabus rules, You may use as much code from the sample programs I've given you so long as they are all referenced.

For those of you who wanted my code that I developed with you in the second week here it is.

a picture of my implementation of lab1

Additional Details:

You will want either png or gif images with transparent backgrounds for your moving and non-moving objects. You will need to make sure your moving object doesn't leave the canvas window. You'll also need to check on the overlap of the moving and non-moving objects.

I'm relaxing the maximum 20% "reused" code limit in one case for this lab. You may use as much code from the examples as you like so long as you reference all of it that you borrow.

Additional Requirements and Submission: