2D Game Programming:
Programming Project 3

Due: Nov 23rd
Build a game inspired by the old xbill game

if you aren't familiar with xbill have a look here at a video of it


  Your game should meet the following minimum requirements:
(you can substitute out a theme more appealing to you if you want - so long as it is reasonable)


As usual, you may reuse up to (But not more than) 20% of your code from other sources. Be sure to reference any such code.

Also make sure your game assets are in subdirectories of your actual project directory. Submit the entire directory tree compressed by blackboard as usual.


The writeup will be extensive for this one. It needs to include
  1. Your name
  2. A Manual for the game
    1. how do I start it
    2. how do I play it
    3. controls
    4. anything else I need to know to play
  3. how did you implement the game. Just a couple of paragraphs on what you decided to do and why
  4. References to any code or assets you used from elsewhere
  5. Anything left undone