Comp 151 Project 8 (oops we missed 7)

Due: Fri Dec 16th  at 11:59pm

Summary: You will have the chance cap your semester with a fun final project. Most of our projects have been smaller projects. Now, with the last project of the semester, we will begin a larger project, more akin to what we might do in a comp152 class.


Take your solution to project 5 and lets add a few things to it.

My sample implementation of project 8

It took me about 2 1/2 hours to put my solution to this project together. You have just about 3 weeks to do this project. I expect this will take most of you somewhere between 10 and 20 hours to complete. Please start early. You will have to work on this some time and then put this one away for a while and come back to it. You will not be able to put in an all-nighter and finish this one.

You'll need to do a rectangle overlap check in order to do this project. We covered this in class (12/1 class so if you are an earnest go-getter you might see this before we do it in class). I got this technique from the following site

Additional Requirements:

Your functions must contain all of your code except the one line invoking the  main function

To help me identify your work, make the name of your program file

(so mine would be 

Comment your code. include the usual
 put the following at the beginning of the program as a comment:


zip the entire folder up again this time - there will be images as well as python code.

Submit the zip file of the lab via blackboard as usual. Don't forget to make sure your file has you name in the file name.