Comp 151 Project 4

Draw me a picture from a file while you work with data


In this second project you will read data in from a file, interpret it using strings and lists and draw me the picture specified in the file using the Zelle graphics library. Lets put a little bit more together because the projects so far have been really easy. We are only adding if statements new here, but we will put together everything from projects 1-3.


  Saturday Oct 15th at 11:59pm. (this is a little longer than recent projects because there is a little more to it.)


First create a new project (which creates a new project folder)

Then  get the Zelle graphics library and put it in your project folder

Then write a program which will
  1. put up one of the Zelle graphics windows (make it at least 500x500 pixals)
  2. read from a file you can grab my Demo.txt file for a first pass.
  3. Draw the graphics element with the following requirements
  4. Do this for each of the lines in the text file, how ever many there are. For example when I ran my sample solution on the Demo.txt file that I provided you, my solution showed this:
example project
Your program must be able to handle any legitimate contents of demo.txt (I will add additional lines - possibly to the top of the file, when I grade this.)

Additional  requirements:

Your code must be commented
Your function must contain all of your code except the one line invoking the function

To help me identify your work, make the name of your program file

(so mine would be
And put the following at the beginning of the program as a comment:

Project Submission

Zip up your project folder. Find the project folder and right click on it and choose the <send to> option and send to a zip file.

Submit your zipped project as usual via blackboard.