Nao Developer documentation
In particular the python SDK docs
Robot Turning:

Fancy Differential Drive Steering
Turning a differential drive robot a certain angle

Multiplo Software Download Site We'll used the DuinoPak software, though you can play with the minibloq stuff too if you like.

Class Lecture Notes:

From time to time (especially just before exams) I will put some of my lecture notes on here. These lecture notes are partly for me to remind me which topics I want to discuss in more complete detail - but also can be of use to you. They are not a substitute for attending lectures or reading the textbook, but some students find them a useful addition.

Sensors lecture
Multiplo slides
Locomotion gaits etc
control theory control
Intro to robot control arch
Biological foundations of reactive robotics.
Intro to Nao Robots
Social Robots Part I
The Simple first script for the Nao that I demoed in class
Choices for representation
Reasoning about space
Veronoi/Vector field/beginning of bug
Bug algorithms
Intro to multi robots
Swarm robotics