Robotics Project 2:Working with the Nao for the first time

Summary: You will build a robot which will find a ball and then bring it to a color coded goal.

Due: Nov 4th with in class Demo


You need to find the right ball. And go over to it. Your robot will start in a random (the instructor will decide where) location in the area and have to find the red ball (or the green ball) and then go over to it. You will be informed which goal the robot will be searching for at demo time (therefore you must be able to switch between them with the robot controls.) Your robot must

You may use any navigation technique that you wish for this project. I suggest starting from right or left hand wall following. There will be some obstacles in the environment which may block the robot's view of the entire field. Your robot will receive a small penalty if it moves the obstacles (or if some student has to act to prevent the robots from doing the same.)

Your robot must find the ball and make it there in under 3 minutes. If it has done neither in 3 minutes, it will be disqualified. If it has found the ball but not gone there in that time, your robot will suffer a penalty to its score for the extra time it takes to get to the goal.

You will run the program on a laptop for this project, no one may touch the laptop after starting the program.


You'll need to write a short paper for each robot project. This second paper will still likely be short (3-5 ish pages double spaced ). The format should be

  1. Introduction: What is this project all about?
  2. Hardware summary: what did the Nao give you that you didn't have before? Is there anything you wish you knew when you started?
  3. Software design: how was your robot programmed? Were there any earlier revisions of the software? Is there anything you wish you knew when you started?
  4. Summary and analysis of your robot's performance at the demo. Did your designs work in testing? How well. What would you have changed if you had just a little more time.
  5. Add your code as an appendix.
The paper will be due the meeting after after the demo (which will be a week later due to my conference schedule)