Final Robotics Project:

Due: Demo at the beginning of the final (Dec 16th), Paper due by 10am Friday Dec 18th

Base-3 Bar Code:

Summary: You are going to turn your robot into a simplified bar code scanner.

Details: You will be working with a simple base-3 code. Each "barcode" will have 4 base three digits. Each digit will therefore be one of three possibilities
Single width bars of background colors will separate digits. Your robot must begin at one end of the bar and traverse the bar code. At the far end of the bar code it will have to display the number it read in some way (binary with .

Each bar code will begin with a single with bar which will be defined as the zeros place. The bar code will then have a single width space of the background color followed by the bar (possibly empty - see below) for the 1s place. The one's place will be followed by a single width space followed by the three's place and so on. 

If a digit has a zero in it, then there will be a single width background colored space in place of a foreground colored line. This background space will of course be surrounded by a the two single width background separator spaces.


You'll need to write a short paper for each robot project. This second paper will still likely be short (2ish pages). The format should be

  1. Introduction: What is this project all about?
  2. Hardware design: how was your robot made? Were there any earlier revisions of the hardware? Is there anything you wish you knew when you started?
  3. Software design: how was your robot programmed? Were there any earlier revisions of the software? Is there anything you wish you knew when you started?
  4. Summary and analysis of your robot's performance at the demo. Did your designs work in testing? How well. What would you have changed if you had just a little more time.
The paper is due the meeting after the demo.