Comp 151 Project 1

A simple introductory project


This introductory project will get you used to writing programs on your own. You will write a simple "what if" GPA calculator.


  Wednesday Sept 23rd at 11:59pm.


You will write a python program which calls (a) function(s) which will do the following things:
    1. Ask the user for
      1. their current GPA
      2. The number of credits they have taken so far.
    2. Then ask the user for
      1. how many classes they will take this semester.
    3. now for each class
      1. ask the user for the number of credits for that class
      2. ask the user for their estimated grade for that class.
    4. After all of this, calculate and print the new estimated GPA at the end of the semester*

*remember that to calculate a GPA you can use the following formula (GPA_for_class1*credits_for_class1+ GPA_for_class2*credits_for_class2 ... + GPA_for_classN*credits_for_classN)/Total_number_of_credits

At this early stage assume that the user will enter the data correctly (see below for directions on the comments)

Additional  requirements:

Your function(s) cannot be more than 12 lines of code each (comments don't count, nor do blank lines.)

To help me identify your work, make the name of your program file

(so mine would be
And put the following at the beginning of the program as a comment:

Project Submission

Submit your project via blackboard. For this first project the python file by itself is all you need to submit.