Useful Web Links at this point in the course :

Pycharm Community Edition

Your Book's Website

The python graphics file from your book

The main python Website

An interactive online python Tutorial

A list of valid color names for use in the graphics projects

Gif images for project use

Prep files for Nov18 class  

Class Lecture Notes:

From time to time (especially just before exams) I will put some of my lecture notes on here. These lecture notes are partly for me to remind me which topics I want to discuss in more complete detail - but also can be of use to you. They are not a substitute for attending lectures or reading the textbook, but some students find them a useful addition.

The intro lecture from Day 1

Strings and command line input output

Python Arithmetic

Objects and the Zelle Graphics Library

Strings, Lists, and data

Control Structures: Ifs and whiles

Animations lectures

Functions lectures

Simple Algorithms Lectures

Recursion Notes

First social issues especially bugs and disasters.

Second social issues slides including thinking about internationalization and ASCII effects