Comp 151 Project 6: Simple Algorithms

Due: Thursday Nov 20th  at 11:55pm (project 7 to be assigned on the morning of Nov 20)

Summary: You will practice the simple algorithms that we've looked at in class in a project. (the 'space invaders' style project will make a return after this)


You will need the Zelle graphics library for this one

Your program needs to do the following(note that I'm giving you more flexibility in deciding how to implement this one):

Create a new project with your name as part of the project name (eg: jsantoreProject3)
Grab this zip file of gif images from the Wesnoth game (under a generous use license) and put the resulting folder of images into your project directory.

Additional Requirements:

Your functions must contain all of your code except the one line invoking the  main function

all of your functions must be 20 lines long or less

To help me identify your work, make the name of your program file

(so mine would be

be sure to submit the entire project folder including all subfolders of images.

Comment your code. include the usual
 put the following at the beginning of the program as a comment:


zip the entire folder up again this time - there will be images as well as python code.

Submit the zip file of the lab via moodle as usual. Don't forget to make sure your file has you name in the file name.