Comp 151 Project 4

Due: Tuesday Oct 21st at 11:55pm (don't wait for this one you have an exam in there too)

Summary:You will put together all that you have learned to build a graphics moving picture


You are going to build a moving graphics project
so you will need the Zelle graphics library for this one

  1. Pop up a window not less than 500x500 pixals
  2. Then build a picture with at least 4 shapes including at least three colors and 3 different kinds of shapes
  3. then move the entire picture (all the shapes together) back and forth across the screen making sure that no more than half of it ever goes off the side of the screen
    1. also make sure that the movement is slow enough to be seen and fast enough to be smooth
  4. If the user clicks the mouse - change from back and forth movement to up and down movement
  5. whenever the user clicks the mouse again:
    1.  if the movement was vertical make it horizontal
    2. if the movement was horizontal, make it vertical.
  6. make sure that steps  three through five repeat forever until someone presses the close window button (which will close the window even if you program was still running -so as far as you are concerned - loop forever.

Additional Requirements:

Your function must contain all of your code except the one line invoking the function

To help me identify your work, make the name of your program file

(so mine would be 

Comment your code. include the usual
 put the following at the beginning of the program as a comment:


Submit the lab via moodle as usual. Don't forget to make sure your file has you name in the file name.