Network Exploration

Summary: Explore the network. What can you see. Turn that in, and then receive one or more files which you must use to get the secret message out.



  1. wireshark from the desktop

  2. Nmap

Step 1:

Look at wireshark. It uses a color coded system for the network traffic it is displaying, cool colors (in the blue and green range) are benign traffic. Warm colors(red and reddish-brown) are traffic that might merit closer examination (potential problems)

Exam 1) What color is the traffic at the start of your examination

Exam 2) what is the IP address/hostname of the machine you were working on

Run nmap scanner on the whole subnet (0-255 as the last digits of the IP address.)

Exam 3) How many machines in the subnet are alive?

Exam 4) what are the IP address/names of the machines that are alive.

Exam 5) examine and, what ports are open and what can you tell me about those machines?

Be sure to copy this down somewhere that you have access to so you can include it in the paper.

Write a short (one page) paper. Include the following information:

When did you do you examination

For each of the items with Exam in the description above, Answer the questions in the paper.

What did your examination tell you about the lab we are working in?