Comp 199 Information Security Project 2: Steganography

Summary: Encode data into  carrier files using steganography. Turn that in, and then receive one or more files which you must use to get the secret message out.

Due: First part due Monday Nov 4th at 1:50pm

         Second part due Mon Nov 11th Wed 13th at 1:50pm


First read this article which explains a little more about steganography in plain English.

Rather than the very fancy and hard to use tool that I demonstrated in class. Lets use a simpler but easier to use version

Go to and download the version of SilentEye for your system (Windows/Mac/Linux supported)

Step 1:

Use three separate image files as carrier files. Use Comp199 as the passcode.

1) put your name in it.

2) put a file into it.

3) Put your name into the third file along with your major and encrypt it.

Put these three files into a folder, zip the entire folder into a single zip file and submit it on moodle.

Part 2:

I'll randomize the files and hand them back to different students. You will find the data stored in the files and report on it. You'll write a short paper (not one of our edited ones) which includes the following sections

Submit the paper in class on the 11th of November . 13th of November.

Grading guidelines:

Since I've been tied up with midterms and haven't gotten your papers back to you yet, let me give you my grading guidelines for this project

Initial 3 files: 20pts

Final results: 30pts

Paper: 50 pts