Comp152 Project 5: Graphics and Games

Due: Thursday December 12th at 11:55pm (Reading Day)

For those of you who want to just use some premade images use this zip file.


In this project you will have the opportunity to:


In this final project I generally have students implement some 1980s video game in java. In the 1980s those games were major undertakings, but the libraries that java gives us the chance to make them as a culminating project for a comp152 class.

You will implement a simplified version of the 1980s video game megamania - named by one site as the most underated atari video game of the 1980s.
It was available for both the atari 2600 console and the revamped 5200 console. After all who can resist fighting cookies and hamburgers!

Here is a description of the game

A you tube review of the atari 2600 version of the game

A short playthrough video of the 5200 version of the game.

We are going to implement a simplified version of the game. Your program must have the following features

I anticipate that this project will be worth about 260 points. That should put the following extra credit possibilities in context. In order to get extra credit, you must finish the main program above before doing the extra credit. For extra credit you may do any of all of the following.

Extra Requirements:

You must satisfy the following constraints on your program


When your program is ready, you need to write a readme.txt file that provides me the following information:

When your readme and your code is ready, zip up your files and submit them online as you have done for the recent labs