Comp 152 Project 2:
ArrayList review and Inheritance

Due: Oct 9th at 11:55pm


In this project you will have the opportunity to use ArrayLists again to get additional practice with them. You will also implement your first inheritance including method overriding.


Implement the class diagram below: Further instructions can be found below the class diagram.

Implementation Details:

All classes: write a toString method for Motor, Servo, bumpSensor and SonarSensor. write an equals method for Sensor.

Other Requirements:

Comments: make sure your code is commented. At least a comment for every method explaining what the method does, what any parameters do and what is return if anything.


Include a readme in your project folder with the following information.
Your name
your implementation details, did you add any extra methods to those above? did you add any classes? What did you have a particularly hard time with?
Is there anything left undone, if so what?

Make sure that your project directory has your name in it somewhere. Then zip up the entire project directory (please no RAR files) and submit that zip file via moodle.