Mobile Development Resources

Here you will find a selection of mobile development resources. We'll be adding to this list over the course of the semester, but this is a good beginning.

General Mobile Development climate

Mobile device security articles.
New Smartphone Os releases scheduled for during this class
EFF Press release on legality of smart-phone jailbreaking.
Geolocation and social issues in mobile computing - are you giving thieves valuable information?
Will your manufacturer have to put a radio reciever in your phone? A rare alliance between the RIAA and the Radio industry.
super computing and mobile devices - pervasive computing finally here?


Symbian Development home.
Symbian QT tools page
Symbian Development chit chat.


Blackberry Dev home
Blackberry development getting started.


Android development home
Android hardware Compatibility
Wikipedia's list of android devices. (Wikipedia warning - this page looks unmaintained - there are devices listed here as "to be release in 2009" that never made it)
Android apps are not "approved" - this is good and bad - like facebook apps.
App inventor - Android Development for non-programmers.
Black hat security conference article about rogue Android app.

iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

i<stuff> developer HQ
Apple's iPad dev page
iphone Developer University
US government rules making jailbreaking phones legal

Objective C

The document I used to prepare your objective-c notes. Objective C for c++ programmers

Windows Mobile

Windows mobile dev kit
The new Windows 7 mobile dev site

Mind and Market Share Articles

Nielsen Ratings on market share
The Gartner Group on Market share

Lecture Notes

My intro slides which consolodate the statistics graphs from several of the pages linked to from this resources page.
The app inventor notes
my objective C notes
Matt's iOS notes
Matt's ObjectivC cheatsheet.
Michael's iOS graphics and networking slides
Sennur's Symbian slides
Heather's Symbian GUI/networking slides
Anil's Android Presentation
Nick's Android presentation
John Gratton's Blackberry slides
David's blackberry slides
Mary's Blackberry Slides
Bismark's Windows phone 7 slides
Andrew's windows phone 7 slides
Robert's Mobile Security slides
The slides James used from OSI to define open source
James' open source in mobile devices slides
Plinio's security presentation
Joao's windows phone 7 slides
Brenden's mobile security slides
Justin's Ubiquitous computing slides
Carlos' slides for making money as a mobile app developer.