Project 3:

Blackberry or Windows Phone Development

Due: Monday Nov 22nd with hard copy paper due the following class for undergrads and soft copy paper by Wednesday for grads.

Summary: You will explore one of the two remaining mobile operating systems in this last project and get a true comparison by implementing your android application on either Blackberry or Windows Phone 7.


You will write the same program once again on your choice of Blackberry of Windows phone 7.

Your program should check to see that you are in Bridgewater (the town or the University at your descretion - but mention which in your paper) during your assigned class time. If you are not, your program should play a sound and give a visual remider to go to class. If you enter Bridgewater, the visual notification and sound should cease. Undergraduates should choose one of the two class periods to give the reminder.


For the class following the due date, bring a hard copy report with the following (Standard formal English please) All Double spaced please.

  1. Introduction: let me and others know what you were trying to do (this will be quite short here)
  2. Describe your code and your process. Did anything unusual go on? not more than about a half page
  3. How did developing for this mobile device differ from developing for a desktop application
  4. How did developing for this mobile device differ from developing for other mobile devices that you've done so far, particularly the android environment in which you implemented this exact project.
  5. A brief conclusion discussion your assesment of developing for this mobile device.
The whole report should probably be about 3-5 pages.