Paper 1

Due: Two weeks from assignment, Nov 17th for ugrads, Nov 19th for grads.

Summary: This is your first significant paper for this class. You will answer the question: "Which of the 5 major mobile platforms that we've looked at so far will fail first and why?"


Write 5-6 pages (plus and extra page for your references) double spaced standard margins on the topic.

You need to consider both the market trends and other statistics that we've looked at in class (along with any others you wish to reference) You also need to consider your understanding of the development environement and usage of the devices themselves in your paper. You may include any additional sources of information that you wish. Reference anything that someone in your OS class wouldn't know. Argue from facts, if you want to discuss Anecdotal evidence and aestetic appeal, understand that these are weaker points to argue from and don't stand entirely on their own.