Mobile Devices Final Paper

Due: At the final. as per college rules we will meet for a short time during the assigned final time for a wrap up discussion. All papers must be turned in at that time. No late papers will be accepted.

Paper topic:

"if wishes were fishes we'd have some fried
if wishes were horses then beggers would ride"

We are going to play "let's pretend" in our final paper. We will pretend that development is all that matters in building a mobile device sucess story.

With this in mind you will answer the following question in your paper

If the app development experience was the only factor in who wins the mobile market share wars, which mobile system would win?


You are to write a paper of approxamately 10 pages on the topic. The paper should be in standard formal English, it will be graded on the following criteria
As a rule of thumb, if you would be willing to give it to your boss, and he/she would be willing to share it with customers, it is ready to turn it, if not, then its is not ready to turn in. For those of you who need some help with your English composition the Bridgewater State University writing studio is available to help you.