Seminar Announcements

One last set of news items for the semester:
new android stats
hand held game consoles losing to hand held computers?
Another sign pervasive computing is here: Mobile devices to outship PCs in 18 months while those PC sales continue to grow.
Android users are becoming the most network intensive.
the windoes homebrew crack goes into win phone 7
what happens to android when iPhone is on verizon?
virtualizing androids?
googles new android reference tablet

older cost breakdown
a break down of last week's demographic info
playstation phone it is
even more evidence of Android doing well
And the cs1 student think what I'm showing them is creepy: companies want to find out who is behind your phone so they can target ads.

another step toward pervasive computing
hp dumps Microsoft product for focus on WebOS
iOS web browsing declining in market share
more market and desirability statistics
does this count as a win phone 7 hack?
Win 7 phone sales
phone sales statistics for the last month
Win Phone 7 in trouble?
more on thought controlled apps
sony to use objective-c development?
another android vulnerability.       the original disclosure site

fun with Microsoft wipe on the iPhone
more on android fragmentation
Galaxy pad is a winner - but a winner enough?
iOS 4.2 released
will android be lost to google?

big brother at work US government to require anti cell technology in all cars?

Steve Wozniak says android will win eventually.
mobile computing for commerce

tablets with no external power/charging
google voice on the iPhone
meego taking off?

40k win phone 7 phones sold on first day. Turns out thats not much - but do first day sales matter.
windows phone and sd cards again

more on android fragmentation
more android security. Is Android the new windows 9X? Neat,  fun and a security nightmare?
here is an interesting Android app Shows that these things have enough processing power for some interesting programs
why moving from providor to providor doesn't work so well in the US

more indications of mobile device uptake in north america and the world

how about this mobile app
maybe symbian isn't quite dead after all
nokia's official "we're still going to be doing Symbian" statement.

mobile app security issues just in time for the security section of the course.
a bit more detail about the security holes.

First windows 7 phones actually available.

An android remote attack vulnerability
here's a video of someone useing this attack
Exploit in webkit - allows full sd card access on android 2.1 and earlier

touch screens are great and all, but how about on those cold winter days.
the windows phone 7 kill switch can remove an app from your phone.

google will occasionally reject an app
android kernal bugs
this doesn't bode well for blackberry

Mobile device development in china. It looks like industrial revolution
cheap Android pads
more mobile device sales figures

it turns out iPhones have serial ports - useful
Is this Microsofts new business model? At least in the post desktop world?
thats one way to get apps

A couple of items about the white iPhone issues
white iPhone camera issues
are touchpads on the way out after becoming dominant recently?
what did we say earlier about a playstation phone? did somebody say ngauge?
A whole bunch of Android news out recently
Gartner thinks Android will be second biggest by the end of the year. (worldwide)
gingerbread may be closer that we thought

China's state paper complains that the iPad is too difficult to use pirated software ect with.

Symbian is dead, long live meego?

so is it 4G or not?
big brother in England - does it matter?

an unexpected use for tablets
mobile apps entering the net neutrality debate
Some throughput testing on recent phones
Jobs is opionated about iPhone competitors
first details of gingerbreadFirst of the fancy US android tablets

mobile computing having an effect on pc sales.
Wow, Android is more fragmented than I thought
will the old crowd succeed in killing android?
iPhone 4 glass is possibly fragile will any one care?

There has been a change posted to the graduate project that I announced last night. The carbide.c++ tools are proving to be a real bear unless you have exactly the system that Sennur reported were needed: WinXP or Vista with a beefy machine. (Windows 7 seems not to like the tools). So I'm switching the assignment to use the Symbian QT tools. If you need to use the carbide.c++ tools please contact me and let me know.

The pdf document that I used while learning objective c is now linked to the resources page of the class website. It is under the Objective C heading which is just under the iOS stuff.

body sensing for smart phones is here

other people are thinking about the convergence of mobile gaming and computing platforms too

iPhone scalpers in china?

Windows 7 mobile now officially released
does this mean the bell tolls for Zune?
details on the phones to be available
is this Microsofts IBM moment?

Android is now the most popular phone choice
reinstall rooted android phone? Will this affect anyone but Techies?

Now THIS is the sort of app we think of when we talk about mobile computing being a powerful viable computing device, This one all but turns the phone into a 'tricorder' from the old Star Trek series.

Windows 7 Phone comes out next week.

RIM tries to set the tone for their app marketplace
of course having its encryption broken wasn't something RIM was planning on

Software piracy comes to mobile devices
And some suggestions for dealing with it.

Android in the long run but iOS in the short run?
Android is closing the "enthusiasm gap" with iPones

the US wants access to mobile communications now like India at the start of the semester
another more in depth look at the push to get wireless data.

year of the tablet? who knows, but theys getting more real. 

the facebook phone looks real
will next year be a breakout year for tablets?

battery troubles gone?
lots of phones running android
even win phones

ipads in australian education
but not so much here in the US

all satallite phone - is this where we are going?
Some interesting flash vs iOS statistics

Will your mobile device finally usher in the era of big brother?

iOS 4.2 beta requires the beta version of MacOSX to work properly
Will androids flexibility be its downfall?
could some areas be seeing more throughput soon?
is this the answer to the power problems?

Geotagging articles
From Kim Komando in USA today
One more article about the issue

What about this proposal to require a radio reciever in phones?

This is likely to change things: Apple changes its iOS development policy

Samsung is going "all in" on android - here is their tablet version
not to be outdone viewsonic is demoing two tablets as well
And finally toshiba showed off an upcoming pad to mixed reviews

Welcome to the Mobile device development seminar. Please check this announcment if the class is ever cancelled for any reason. I may post an alternative assignment here.