Grad Project 4: A snood-like game

Due: Dec 17th (early submissions always accepted.)


You will implement a 3 level game somewhat similar to snood or frozen bubble.


build a game similar to frozen bubble. You will need to have

Update Extra Credit:

Extra credit available. For those who have not been able to complete earlier programming projects perfectly you will be able to earn extra credit on this one.  In order to get the extra credit, you must have completed all of the required regular functionality Extra crdit possibilities are below. You may choose to do any, all or none of them. Be sure the mention any that you choose to do in the writeup.

  1. For an extra 35 possible points: Make each level a different width (let it be x balls wide for any given level) and make the height reduce by one ball heightfor every x balls fired as in the regular game (ommitting the bullet about not needing to do this above)
  2. For an extra 20 possible pointsL: Implement a timer, if the user hasn't fired the ball within 12-15 seconds of the ball appearing and being ready to fire, then fire it automatically. Give the player a warning to hurry four seconds before autofiring.
  3. For 15 extra points for using animated faces instead of balls.

As usual, you may reuse up to (But not more than) 20% of your code from other sources. Be sure to reference any such code.

Also make sure your game assets are in subdirectories of your actual project directory. Submit the entire directory tree compressed by email as usual.

The Writeup:
Your writeup will be more significant for this game. It will need to include
  1. Your name
  2. A Manual for the game
    1. how do I start it
    2. how do I play it
    3. controls
    4. anything else I need to know to play.
  3. how did you implement the game. Just a couple of paragraphs on what you decided to do and why
  4. References to any code or assets you used from elsewhere
  5. Anything left undone