2D Game design Assignment 3:
Design a game


Now its time to put skills you learned by tearing apart games in the last two projects to use. Design 2d computer/electronic game and build a physical prototype for the game.


You need to design and prototype a 2d game. Do not worry about designing one that can be implemented, some may be implemented, but it is unlikely that anyone will be implementing their own design in this class. Design something that you think would be fun. Then prototype it and play with it a bit to refine your ideas and make them workable.

Each of you will recieve a 2 gallon zippered storage bag. Please place your writeups and prototypes in the bag. Write your name on the bag.

Please do not use any expensive parts for this prototype as I will keep these to use as exemplars for both future classes and accredidation review. You with own the copywrite to your original work, but by turning it in for this assignment, you assign me the rights to use them for the above two mentioned purposes.

When you submit, your bag should contain:
Please be sure to come up with your own game. I will feel free to look up many games both foreign and domestic so come up with your own rather than trying to pass something off which already exists. If you are going with a game from an existing genre (first person shooter or sports game etc,) tell me what features distinguish your game from the games already out there.