GameDesign Announcements

New rooms for finals in 2 of three classes:

COMP-399-001s final exam on Tuesday, December 15 from 2-4 pm will be in MKC309
COMP-596-001s final exam on Tuesday, December 15 from  6-8:40pm will be held in in BUR103

As announced, COMP399-002 cannot be moved since there are no available rooms. We'll make due.

Grad project adds optional extra credit.

Game Spending: Gamasutra has an article about where the money for games goes in different countries
series of pie graphs showing spending on games accross several western countries

Are games producing war criminals?

Here's a bbc article that takes a more balanced approach.

exemplar of world issues in game publishing

here is an interesting article on copyright assignment. It doesn't really pertain to the games industry yet, but it might in a few years for retro gaming.

As per discussions in class, both the undergraduate and graduate projects have extentions. See the project page for more.

I've been asked occasionally about getting into the game industry. Gamasutra actually has a listing of game company help wanted ads
Its just a fraction of the jobs in the industry, but it should lead you to game sites where they might have less high profile entry level positions as well.
And blizzard has an intership program

Update to grad requirements for programming project 3 (strategy). Please see the assignment

The  tiling slides are up now for those of your who asked for them. See the resourses page.

Grads: The assignment is up on the assignments page.

For Grads:
Here is a copy of the review sheet for the exam on Tuesday. Undergrads will have a review session on Thursday.

It would seem that there is a reason so many people are providing free-to-play model games recently

Several people are asking about the books for this class.

We will be using two books, first:

Game Programming: The L Line, The Express Line to Learning by Andy Harris from wiley press.


Game Design Workshop, 2nd Edition
A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games By Tracy Fullerton From Morgan Kaufman/Elsevier.

Welcome to 2D game design for Fall 2009. Be sure to check this website if the class is ever cancelled for any reason.