Comp 101 Lab4:kids passing notes.

Due at 11:59pm On Mon Oct 27th  Wed Oct 29th


In this program you will write a program that will act as a note passing gradeschooler. You may remember (even if you wish you didn't') the grade school tradition of sending notes with "do you like me []yes []no" to classmates for them to select one of yes or no. Its time to bring that tradition into the digital age in case todays students haven't done so already.


Assignment Specifications:

collect the starter zip file as follows:

cp ~jsantore/ .

unzip the file as usual and move into the Lab4 folder. You'll see that there are two java files for you, one and one called There are also a few image files in the folder that the java files that I provided will reference.

First create a class, Name it what you want, but make sure you follow the class naming conventions.

in that class you will need 4 methods
  1. the main method - all main methods have the same method declaration - which you have seen in chapter 1 of your book. The method body of this method should have only two lines (three if you use the JOptionPane to get user input.) It needs to create an object of your class then call the askUser() method from your class on that object.
  2. askUser(): Your class needs to have a method called askUser, this method should have code which does the following:
  3. userSaidYes: in this method you need to create an object of my YesAnswer class and call the method called showYes on your YesAnswer object. The YesAnswer constructor takes no parameters. The showYes method takes no explicit parameters and returns no value.
  4. userSaidNo: in  this method you need to create an object of my NoAnswer class and call the method called showNo on your NoAnswer object. The NoAnswer constructor takes no parameters. The showNo method takes no explicit parameters and returns no value.
Then compile your file, (remember javac when there are no errors, run it (java YourClassName)

Make sure everything works, if you answer no, your program will be sad, if you answer yes, your program will be happy. I'll let you find out what the results look like on your own when you have a working version of the lab.

You are writing code in a creative way for the first time (its the first time that I've not told you more or less in English what to write, instead you are deciding how to do things) So commenting becomes much more important. Remember to explain what you are doing. There will be some credit given for commenting your code.


When you submit this time, add a readme.txt file to your Lab4 folder that you are building. (In xemacs you create a new file by doing <file><open file> and typing in a brand new file name. The readme should contain:
Once you have the readme done, cd into your parent folder, zip up the entire Lab4 file name. If you used konqueror to zip up the file, use konqueror to rename to file to include your last name. for example I would use:

 Once you have the zip file, use the online submission program to submit it to me.