COMP 101 LAB 6 : the final lab

Due:Wed Dec 10 at 11:59pm.


In this lab you will write a simple graphical toy. You will write a program that will pop up a window do display some graphics. The exact graphics you will write will depend on your planned level of completion.


You will choose a level of completion that you wish to be graded on. Each level has its own requirements (which for the most part build on lower completion levels. You may use any code from class or your book to help you with this project. It is usually better to get a lower level of completion done perfectly than to get a higer level of compltion done poorly.

Completion level 1: A 'C' grade for perfect completion:

Write a java application that draws the following picture:
red circle in green square - 'C' grade completion.
You have already done programs much like this so this level of completion should be straightforward.

Completion level 2: A 'B' grade for perfect completion.

make a red circle moves back and forth horizontally halfway down your window. The circle should not leave the window and should take at least a second but not more than 4 seconds to get from one end of the window to the other. See demo in class.

Completion level 3: An 'A' grade for perfect completion.

Implement level 2 completion from above and then add a second green ball/circle that bounces vertically along the left edge of the screen. Once again make sure that it always stays on the screen. This circle should move at the same speed as the ball in level 2.

Hint: Haul out your notes from the time we wrote the BounceDemo


Remember to comment your code!

When you submit this time, add a readme.txt file to your Lab6 folder that you are building. This time you are buiding an insteresting program which may be different from everyone elses so the readme should contain:
Once you have the readme done, cd into your parent folder, zip up the entire lab4 folder using the -r flag (if using the command line) as you have learned in the last few labs, and use the online submission program to submit it to me. Remember to include your last name in the title of your zip file.