Internet Programming Lab 1


In this lab you will take an existing simple 'game'-like graphical application and turn it into a multi-player/user client server application.


You will take the simple game like graphical program that I give you to start with and tear it into two applications. The system will start out looking something like this:

initial look of program

Your job is to:

Once you have an implementation of this separation you need to do a write up of your solution:
this can be done as a text file in your zipped submission folder. In your writeup you need to cover
As usual, the writeup will be worth a significant portion of your grade.

get the starter code here
Note that this is an updated version of the code with player tomato throwing worked in.

This lab will be due Tuesday Oct 7th at 11:59pm via online submission.

To submit please zip up your entire lab1 folder including all code and your writeup. Include your last name somewhere in the name of your zip file. (you might need to rename the file if you forgot while zipping up the folder.)

Now move into the directory with the submission system. (I'm looking into a way to skip this step)

cd /home/bscstaff/jsantore/submission/g2/oss



at that point. This will bring up a graphical submit window. 

use the menu to select the correct section of comp427 to submit to (COMP427-1 for day students and COMP427-2 for night students). Then select the file to submit and press submit. if you get a message that says submitted sucessfully then you are done.