Comp 101 Lab5: A basic text game:
getting rid of the scare quotes

at noon on Wednesday Nov 21. (before you leave for your assignment free thanksgiving break.


In this straightforward lab, you will take the skeleton program that you made last time and add repetition to make a more complete story.


Assignment Specifications:

use your existing lab4 as a base (if you completely messed up lab4 send me mail in the next couple of days and I can send you a lab4, though you will then be stuck with my story arc.

Make Story loop just that: a loop.
This is a lab that requires less new thinking, but a lot more typeing than recent labs. give yourself time to do this lab, you'll spend an hour or two just typing in your story parts.


When you submit this time, add a readme.txt file to your lab4 (you can keep working in the lab4 folder even though this is lab5) folder that you are building. The readme should contain:
Once you have the readme done, cd into your parent folder, zip up the entire lab4 folder using the -r flag as you have learned in the last few labs, and use the online submission program to submit it to me. Even though you are zipping the lab4 folder, make sure you name it with lab5 or project5 in the title of your zip file. And remember to include your last name in the title of your zip file.