Comp 101 Lab4: A basic text "game"

Due at 11:59pm On Mon Nov 12 (note that this is a holiday weekend)


In this lab you will begin to create a very very simple "text adventure game". These types of programs are also being called "Interactive Fiction" these days. You will discribe a situation to the users and then present the user with a small series of choices. The user will choose one, which will then move the game/story along. You have free reign to design any G-PG rated theme you want for your story/game.


Assignment Specifications

First copy the file from my home directory as you have done in the past with other starter files.
cp /home/bscstaff/jsantore/ .
then unzip the file. You'll see that you have a folder called lab4 with three java files and a UML diagram in the folder.

You will work with 3 classes that I've generated using the umbrello UML tool. The UML class diagram is available in case you want to work with it, but I've already used it to generate some starter code for you all to work with. This is the UML diagram for the project you will work on. You will fill out several of the methods in this diagram and add a couple of your own methods.
class diagram of the three classes in lab4

Many of the methods listed here have extensive comments in the code itself, however I'll briefly summarize the classes here

Last details.

This is going to be a really short story. You only need to accept one move from the user and show the results of that one move.

Each lab in this class is a little more significant than the one before it. You are once again working with a lot of new concepts. Please allow for sufficient time to work on this lab (expect it to take about 12 hours over the week and a half or so that you have to work on it for those of you who are learning programming for the first time.)


When you submit this time, add a readme.txt file to your lab4 folder that you are building. The readme should contain:
Once you have the readme done, cd into your parent folder, zip up the entire lab4 folder using the -r flag as you have learned in the last few labs, and use the online submission program to submit it to me.