Project 4 Dumping Data online with rails

Due By 11:59pm Friday Nov 30th


In this project you will get a feel for a limited Ruby on Rails project, putting live data on "the web."



Due to technical issues, we are going to be using a limited form of Ruby on Rails on csdev01. Each of you will grab a copy of the file
~jsantore/ and copy it into your own home directory on csdev01. Unzip the file and you will find a rails implementation.

You can run your server with ruby script/server from within your rails folder.

You will need to use the ruby prefix on the other commands

e.g. ruby script/generate controller hello index

to generate a controller. (this one already exists though.

You will need to run the server on a specific port so that you don't start colliding with one another. Please use a port number equal to 3100 + the number that is beside your name line on the signup sheet outside of my office. (so the person who had the first presentation would work on port 3101 and so on till about 3120 for the person with the last line)

eg from the rails folder:

script/server -p 3101

You will have to test your app using konqueror on csdev01 itself. The college seems to be blocking almost all ports on that machine, so you won't be able to view your app from elsewhere.

Application Details:

You need to write an application that can store data in a comma separated values file and display them on the web. The content of the file can be whatever (PG rated or otherwise appropriate) information you want to talk about.

You need to make sure you meet the following extra criteria:
Make sure you submit the csv file with your submission in the right spot.


The usual readme.txt which must include:
Then zip up the whole directory and submit it using the online submission.