Seminar Announcements

Your final paper assignment is now online in the projects and assignments section.

I've recieved a quota increase on my Webhost account so we now have room for all of the presentations. Please find them properly linked to the ressources page.

The online submission server will be down for Thanksgiving break. Enjoy your break, there will be ample time to submit the project after the break.

Wednesday's Web based class is now available
Mondays WebBased class: Is now available

New resources for game images available at the bottom of the python section. 
Class notes section updated as well.

Paper guidelines:

As promised here are some web guidelines for the paper on your initial impressions.
You need an
I'm looking for a 3 page paper. It should cover some of the following topics

Its a pretty short straight forward paper. As always make sure that you put some effort into it. Cite code or sources if useful to make your point. The usual formatting rules apply: normal font, about 1 inch margins, double spaced and about 10-12 point font. 

I realize that I missed one thing you might need to do the lab. Ruby provides a variable for you to use called ARGV it is an array of string containing the command line arguments passed to the script. Note that unlike c and python, the script/program name is not the first element of the array.

It seems that not everyone is as enamored with ruby as they once were.

Class notes are showing up at the bottom of the Resources page

An interesting article one of your fellows sent me about the strengths of ruby and rails and a brief comparison to python

Career Services has asked that I point out two of their upcoming events

Work 'N' Serve Expo
Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Workplace Protocol Dinner
Thursday, October 11, 2007

The first is a great place to get a head start on internships which are useful and important. The second is very handy for interviewing and requires you to register in advance.

For those looking for the books we will be using in this seminar, please see the Syllabus link.

Welcome to the Python/Ruby seminar for Fall 2007. Announcments will be put here. You should check this page if class is ever cancelled or if the professor ever tells you to expect something posted.