Robot oriented theme parks are opening in South Korea (The Koreans are ahead of us in adoption of robotics as a way of dealing with their demographic crash.)
I've got a quota increase! so we can now see the notes. All the links should be working now. Let me know if any are not.

How about a slew of new robot news?
And of course CMU won the DARPA autonomous robot competition
a new robot controller that is lego based

Remember those robo-bugs? maybe they are closer to reality than we think

The Lecture notes have begun appearing on the resources page. They will continue to appear there through the semester.

Career Services has asked that I point out two of their upcoming events

Work 'N' Serve Expo
Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Workplace Protocol Dinner
Thursday, October 11, 2007

The first is a great place to get a head start on internships which are useful and important. The second is very handy for interviewing and requires you to register in advance.

Robotics in the news:
Robots are used more and more in many aspects of our lives.

Should robots be competing with us for food? they could

The beefed up successor to the preditor drone is here

A robot that weeds

A robotic lizard to help study the lizards mating and other habits.
A "self-healing" plastic skin for robots and other mechanical devices.
rescue robots for combat zones (emphsis on cognitive aspects)
Spy and communication bots for urban combat : (Big long pdf with the official specs for these bots)

Welcome to robotics: We will meet in Moakley 301 for those of you who registered early and might have seen another room listed.

Welcome to Robotics for Fall 2007. Announcements will be posted here. Check this site if the class is ever cancelled for any reason.

John F. Santore