CS460 Project 4: Chickenbot

Due: In class demo: Tuesday Dec 11th: Project reports (hardcopy) due by 4pm Friday Dec 14.


We are running out of time as the semester winds down, so you are going to build your last robot on the back of your current solution. You will design (probably as an extension to your current robot) a robot which  will act like a virtual chicken.

So what does that mean?

Your robot should have several behaviors.
Normally the chickenbot should be wandering around looking for food, however avoiding being caught should take precidence. When the bot finds itself too close to an obsticle (possibly a person with a "chicken catcher") it should abandon the light finding in favor of running away.

Your demo will include the following tests

We'll be demoing this on the last day just before a review session.

The Project report

The project report is a report of what you tried to do, what you did, what you learned and what you accomplished. To make my correcting easier, let me give you guidlines on what I'd like to see in it. Make sure you use section headings to make each section easy to find.