Comp 101 Lab5

AKA the last lab - and there was much rejoicing.

Due : Thursday Dec 14th at 11:59pm (reading day)


In this lab you will build a simple, graphicTic Tac Toe game. You will have the opportunity to practice the concept we have covered recently: selection, repitition, and Arrays, a simple collection. As always Read the entire lab before beginning


To practice your programming skills, particularly


First make sure you do all of your work in a directory called lab5.
You must implement the five classes in the UML diagram below along with the methods and instance variables listed in the UML diagram. The intended meaning and functionality of these methods are shown below the UML diagram. You may add any additional instance variables or methods that you believe will make your program easier to write.
UML diagram for lab5
Once again this is a lab that has several parts to it. I recommend that you begin with A very basic TicTacToe class and then add the BoardDisplay object. Once you can see this on your screen, add the hatches of the board.
I sussgest at that point, work on getting the user input and dispalying it. Once you have that, you will need to get the AI move and display it. Then you can finally look at seeing who won the game.


Since you have quite a bit of flexibility in this lab, your readme will have more  weight than before.

As always, you need to include these things in your readme

Then zip up your lab5 directory and submit as usual.