COMP 199 Paper 1

Arguing a position on a simple Technology oriented topic.

In this paper, you are to write about a topic about a technology question being debated in the media today. You will first introduce the topic. Then you will discuss both sides of the argument, citing published sources to show those sides. Finally you will take a side that you think is correct, summarizing the points made earlier to make your point.

A list of possible topics:

  1. Are electronic voting machines a good way to vote given current technology?

  2. Is outsourcing good or bad for the American company and/or consumer in the long run?

  3. Should Internet private investigators like the ones discussed in class be allowed to exist. (be sure to discuss the effect on civil liberties with either recommendation)

  4. What should be done about 'WarChalking' and 'WarDriving'? (be sure to discuss the effect on civil liberties with your recommendation)

  5. What is a fair scheme for Digital Rights Management (DRM)? (be sure to consider both the users and the manufacturers here)

  6. If you have another topic that you want to explore, email it to me and I'll consider it.

The fine print:

Your paper must be four pages long and have a fifth page for references. You must cite at least 6 references in your paper to help you make your point.