Cs102 Fall 2005 Lab5

Due Date: December 12th 14th at midnight.


In this lab you will develop a very simple graphical interface to allow a bank teller access to a customer's bank account. You will work with  inheritance and polymorphism in this lab.

This is the last lab of the semester. You have a little more time to do it than usual and there is a bit more work than usual. You should start early and find any potential problems in the lab early on.


In this lab you will

Your Task

You are to create a simple user interface for a simplified bank program. The bank program needs to keep track of only a single customer. That customer knows about a single savings account and a single checking account object. However, you may *not* have any instance or local variables of either type. Your variables must be of type Account pointer. The account class is the parent class of both the SavingsAccount and CheckingAccount classes. (see the UML below). Your solution must include all of the elements in the UML diagram below. However there are significant pieces of the UML that are omitted which you will need to fill in. The Account class is complete and cannot be modified. (Actual code will be given at the end of this assignment specification). There are some requirements that you must follow(enumerated for your conveneince below), but outside of those, you have freedom to do fun and interesting things in this lab.

simplified UML class diagram for lab5
Your program must have the following behavior for your two account classes:

Most he look and feel of the User interface is up to you. You need a way to display the checking and savings account balances in such a way that the user can't change them except through the deposit and withdraw methods. You also need a way to let the user select the depost, withdraw and monthly maintanance methods by using the GUI. I put together a quick and dirty GUI below that does all of this (but doesn't look very good)
example gui for lab 5

Enumerated requirements and restrictions for the lab(mostly from the text above for your convenience)
When you are ready to submit, send it to me by email as usual, zipped with the usual readme.txt. The readme will be worth a little more this time since you have more opportunity to design the program and make implementation decisions. You also have more freedom in designing so I need to be told how to run the program.

the readme.txt with the usual information