Some pointers in logging on

Last night people had some trouble getting into the databases. We were missing only one thing to log on to the database sucessfully and that is the name of the database.

However, I did put together a configuration file that you will probably find helpful

  1. Copy the file I have prepared into your home folder by using this command
    1. > cp /export/spare/faculty/jsantore/tcshrc_Database ./.tcshrc
    2. (the '.' before the '/' means "the current folder")
  2. type 'tcsh' to start the tshell (a much nicer environment to work in since you can use arrow keys and the backspace key.
  3. now run mysql
    1. mysql -h -p <your username>
    2. the username above is actually the name of the database. Each of you has a database with the same name as your username.
    3. Your password is your first name as given to the college. However, I did make one mistake last night. Your passwords are acutally your first names with the appropriate letter(s) capitalized. (the first letter for most of you)

Please get in touch with me if you have any problems with these new directions.