12/9/2005:The permissions issues that were brought up on Wednesday appear to be fixed. If anyone is still having problems, please let me know ASAP. I'll push the due date to the 19th to help anyone who was delayed by this.

12/2/2005: The new version of the database (mysql 5.0) is up and running. I've run the fix tables script so I believe everything should be ready for you all to use your existing tables with the new version of the database. If anyone has any problems, please let me know and I'll look into it.

10/20/2005: The new lab is now available. We will review it at the end of class this evening.

10/19/2005: After confirring with several of you after the exam, I've found that most of you spent the last week learning java. Therefore I am postponing the lab due date by one week. The lab is now due Nov 2nd.

10/17/2005: Unexpected Database downtime: Over the weekend my computer rebooted at some point (I suspect yesterday's windy weather led to power flutuations.) My apologies to those who had trouble connecting.

10/12/2005: New additions made to the resources page. Links to swing tutorial and online jdbc documentation.

10/12/2005: The notes from this lecture are available as a zip file download

10/12/2005: The latest lab is available from the labs page.

10/3/2005: I have found a work around for the issues with downloading star office files. These files will now be available as zipped files. Please note that these are notes only and without the lecture are incomplete.

9/19/2005: For those of you who want to use the open office format files, please get open office from their website The download link is front and center on the site. It is open source and fee-free. (but large, you need high speed internet or you need to download it here.

9/19/2005: Last week's lecture notes are now available online in open office format only (its much smaller than the powerpoint version of the file)

9/19/2005: I made a mistake in the directions that I put up for putting the mysql command in your path. Please try again if you have been frustrated.

9/7/2005:A couple of you asked for the class notes. I said that these first ones would be available online (though I'm not sure about the others) They are now linked here

9/7/2005: The syllabus has been updated. The link that I had to the college's academic integraty policy was removed over the summer. I have replaced it with a new one.

8/15/2005: Sylabus has been updated to reflect that the class is scheduled for Wednesday's this fall rather than the incorrect day I had listed earlier.

Graduate students planning to sign up for this course. Please register by Setember 1 if possible. I intend to have accounts created for student in this class on our UNIX compute server. Since we meet only once a week, it is much easier to give yout your accounts at the first class meeting.

Class announcements will appear here. Please check this page regularly, especially if class is cancelled for any reason.