COMP 580 Database Systems



In this lab you will be building an application for a customer support person. Customer support people need to be able to both read from the databse and make updates to it.


In particular, the customer support application needs to support the following features:

   Basically, your application is responsible for making sure that the foreign keys from the original table diagram are respected. If you entered the foriegn keys into the database, the database will enforce this for you, and you just need to catch the exception that gets sent when you try to submit the insert or update. If you didn't use the foreign key constraints and the INNIODB engine, then you might have to do some checking in your application (perhaps having some data selected using a dropdown menu rather than a text box.


    Like in the last lab, you need to to include a readme.txt file with the following information:
  • Your name
  • The name of your java files
  • The implementation decisions that you made. Why did you solve the problem the way that you did?
  • Directions on running and using your program. What should I expect when I start the program? Do I have to login? How do I switch between the two views?
  • And any problems or bugs left in your program. If your program doesn't quite work in some situations, tell me about it. If your program doesn't run or compile, I want to know that before I try.

  • Zip up all of the files and send them to me by email. The due date is Tuesday Nov 29th at Midnight.  Note that this is after Thanksgiving break. You have a bit over three weeks for this project. However, there is only one more class before the due date.