COMP 580: Database Systems

Lab2: A Shipping Clerk's view of the database


In this lab you will build a java program that will act as a shipping clerk's view of the data in the database. Your java program will run on eagle and will connect to the database that lives on my machine ( You will use the database that you created and filled in lab 1.

Due Date: Wed Oct 26th


You are to build a graphical (Swing window based) java program which will query your database and display information to the user, a shipping clerk in the company. You will use JDBC and the mysql connector software to access the database from your java application. You only need to provide a means to view the data in this lab. In a forthcoming lab you will update the database while enforcing integrity constriants.


The data shapshot that the clerk most needs is the ability to see each order, including the name of the product that was ordered, the quantity ordered, the first,middle and last name of the customer who made the order and the shipping address of the order.
A second view of the data that the shipping clerk needs is as follows: The clerk should be able to type in a product name and have all of the orders for that product (along with the name and state the order is to be shipped to) appear in a list.

The user should be able to choose which ever view is needed at any time. However, only one of the two views should be visible at any one time.


When your program is ready, you need to write a readme.txt file that provides me the following information:

Zipping your files

If you are in a directory called lab2 when you read this, move to the parent folder/directory
cd ..
(where the '..' means <parent directory> note that there is a space between cd and ..)
now zip up the entire lab2 directory and send it to me.
zip -r lab2
This means zip up the entire lab1 directory (the -r flag says do everything in the directory not just the directory itself) and put it in a file called

Now prepare to email your lab to me.

type the following command
Pine is a terminal based email program. From eagle, you will only be able to send mail to email addresses. You will submit your lab by email to me this semester. However you need to configure pine the first time you use it.

Configuring pine

Choose 'c' to compose a mail and send me a mail with the zip file of your lab solution attached.