CS105 Introduction to Computers and Applications

Instructor: John F. Santore
Phone: 508-531-2226
Office: Hart 220

Intructor Web page http://webhost.bridgew.edu/jsantore/

Course Web Page: http://webhost.bridgew.edu/jsantore/Fall/2005/cs105/
Office Hours: Mon 10-11am, Tues 5-6pm, Thurs 10-11am, Fri 9-10am

I also will take appointments if you cannot make my other office hours, however, I generally have meetings and work prepared for a day or two ahead so plan on about 48 hours from the time I get your request to us being able to meet.

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to use of modern computer systems and common productivity software using the Microsoft operating system (XP) and Microsoft office productivity suits as the medium of instruction.

Textbook: Microsoft Office 2003 By Gary Shelly, Thomas Cashman and Misty Vermaat

Class meetings:

This class will meets Thursdays From 6-8:40pm in Moakley 307.

Class Requirements and grading:

In this class, your grade will be based on your performance in three areas, exams, application projects (labs) and your day to day in class performance. The weights on each of these areas will be assigned as follows:

Labs: 42%

Exams: 50%

Class(homework/quizzes/participantion): 8%


There will be several labs in this course. Each lab is to be completed individually. You must get a passing grade in the lab portion of the class in order to pass this class. Labs are to be turned in on time. Late labs will be penalized 50% for each day that they are late (i.e if you turn it in the day after it is due, your best possible score is 50%, a second day late will receive no credit.)


There will be twoexams, one midterm and a final exam. The midterm will be worth 20% of your final grade. The final will be work 30% of your final grade. Exams will be given on at their assigned times. If you have a legitimate reason for missing an exam, see your instructor before the scheduled exam time to arrange for reasonable accommodation. If you miss the exam without prior approval, you will forfeit the exam. (emergency room visits and the like excepted of course)

The midterm exams are tentatively scheduled for October 20 th.

The Final Exam for this course will be scheduled by the college.

Students with special needs:

Anyone who has special needs should contact me in the first week of classes so that reasonable accommodations can be agreed on.

Academic Integrity:

See http://www.bridgew.edu/Handbook/PoliciesProcedures/academicmisconduct.cfm for a complete description of the academic integrity procedure at Bridgewater.

Academic integrity will be taken very seriously in this class. All individual work must be your own. If you cheat or otherwise represent the work of others as your own. You will receive an F for the course.

Guidelines for proper academic integrity:

Discussing problems with your classmates can help you understand the problems and kinds of solutions to those problems that you will learn about in this class. In an effort to make in clear what sort of discussions are appropriate and encouraged in this class and which cross the line to academic dishonesty I use the following guidelines: You may discuss any out of class problem I assign in this class with your classmates or other so long as you are not typeing on someone elses keyboard or using their mouse for more than a second or two..

In class exams and quizzes may be closed book or may be opened book. They are to be assumed to be closed book unless the class is told otherwise. All exams and quizzes are “closed neighbor”. If an exam is open book, you may use the specified book(s) only, not your pda/cell phone etc. If you are found using a data storage device of any kind during one of these evaluations, you will be failed for the course.

Standards for in class behavior:

You are all adults and are expected to act as adults in this class. While questions are encouraged in this class, if a particular line of questioning is taking us too far afield, I will ask the student to come by my office hours or to see me after class.

Cell phones, pagers, electronic organizers and other devises should be silenced while in class. If you work of EMS or something similar, please turn your cell phones/ pagers etc to vibrate mode so that you are not disrupting others in the class.

In the unlikely case of trouble makers in the class, those who are simply attempting to disrupt the class will be asked to stop; those who will not, will be referred to the college for appropriate action.