CS 102 LAB2 Using Objects.


In this lab you will create and send messages to objects. You will also implement the composition and association relationships. You will take existing code and complete the implementation of a simple lava lamp simulation in which a bubble will rise at a keystroke.


The high level objectives of this lab are as follows:


Before you begin, look over your notes, look through chapter 12 of the book on object, and ask about anything you don't understant.
This lab must be done on eagle (the library that I'm useing for terminal graphics is there) so get comfortable with eagle. Check the "cheat sheets" on the web page if you need to.

Lab Tasks:

login to eagle.
You can either use PC320 from one of the BSC lab machines, or hyperterminal from home. This lab will not work with the dos command line in windows. So make sure you use something different.
If you use hyperterminal, you'll need to configure it as below.

Setup account:

Now that you are logged into eagle setup your account.

So that you and I see the same things, use the following commands to setup your account:

cp /export/spare/faculty/jsantore/.emacs .
cp /export/spare/faculty/jsantore/.tcshrc .

now run the tcsh shell by typing tcsh at the command line.

Getting the files.

now copy the lab skeleton files to your directory:

cp ~jsantore/lab2Skeleton.zip .

unzip the skeleton files into your account.

unzip  lab2Skeleton.zip

Examining what you have:

move into the lab2 folder that was created when you unzipped the file.

cd lab2

Now look over the files, they are all files containing classes. There is a header to each cpp file. Compare the code to the UML diagram shown below. There are some inconsistancies and some items are simply not shown on the UML. You will need to fix the inconsistancies in code before you are done.

Beginning the project.

Below is the UML for your project: Lab2 UML class diagram
Note that there are some aspects of the LavaLamp class that are deliberately left blank or Omitted. You will have to fille those in. The relationships in the diagram should help you to understand what is missing. Look at the diagram and decide what is missing.

Beginning your Coding:

Code the relationships:

Begin by implementing coding the LavaLamp's knows-a relationship. Add the two parts needed to implement the knows-a

Next implement  the three has-a relationships.

Create the lavaLamp:

Now go to the main function and create the LavaLamp and any other objects that you need to create in order to properly create the lavalamp.

Let your char-bubbles rise:

When the space button is pressed, the method/member function spaceBarPressed in the KeyHandler class is called for you. (you don't need to call it, it happens already) You do however need to implement this method so that it animates a bubble of the appropriate character.

How does it know what character to use? what object knows what character should be used?


What to submit:

You need to submit all your source code for this project, along with the makefile and a README.txt file
The README.txt file should contain the following information.

When you are ready to submit, zip up your lab2 directory

zip -r Lab2Solution.zip lab2
and submit it using a method that I'll inform you of the week the lab is due.

Due Date:

By midnight, Friday October 8th. Due By Midnight Tuesday Oct 12th