CS105 Lab 1: MS Word Research paper


You are to write a short research paper using the APA style. Your paper must be on some topic related to computers, hardware or software, and society.


  1. You need to choose a topic that has a point that can be made. Follow the following guide for a research paper
  2. Your paper must be at least 500 words long (including bibliographical material and the abstract)
  3. You must directly cite at least 4 sources (sources that your paper either directly quotes or which form the basis of your claims in a paragraph.)
  4. Your document needs to contain at least one explanitary footnote.

Possible topics:

  1. Off shoring of IT: good or bad for an American company in the long run.
  2. The use or Microsoft, or Linux in a new corperate environement, which would you reccomend for stability, reliablity, and total cost of ownership?
  3. Firefox (and others) vs. Microsoft Internet Explorer: Some pundants think that the MS security problems are giving an edge to other browsers again, read, report and answer, do you?
  4. Digital downloads: What is a fair and effective way of distributing software/music etc over the internet while allowing producers of such content to make a living off of their intellectual property.
  5. Your grandmother/other older relative wants to buy a new computer. She needs to be able send and receive email, play the movie files of you and your siblings exploits that your parents will insist on sending her, and surf the web for information on her hobby of choice. She needs her computer to be easy to use, not crash and not have to be updated. You can assume that some computer-savvy friend can help setup for her, but will not be available to do updates. Reccomend a hardware and software system for her citing reviews and recommendations to back up your assertions.
  6. Oracle Software wants to buy Peoplesoft, (both are makers of high end business software that runs of server class machines) Is this a good or bad thing (for oracle? for the market?)
  7. Some other computer oriented topic which has a definate question to be answered, run it by your instructor first.

Starting points:

There are lots of places on the web to try to look for information about a topic; Several are suggested below. These are just possible jumping off points. You can use any four citable sources.