11/12/2004: I have found from talking with some of the students that there is an intuitive method (possibly the most intutive to all of you) to solve this project that is different than what is shown on the UML. See the lab description for more details. To give you time to implement this, I will accept solutions untill tomorrow (Saturday Nov 13) at 11:59pm with no penalty..

10/20/2004: As mentioned in class the last two classes. I have a symposium on Thursday. Please do the alternate assingment at that time. It is due by Sunday at 9pm.

10/14/2004:As mentioned in the recitation class today, the UML for lab3 has been updated to include a second paramter for the two derived classes.

10/08/2004:Lab due Date postponed! Lab2 is now due Oct 12th by Midnight.

09/20/2004: I've just been told that this is a census week. Therefore I'll take attendance on Friday. If you will be unable to be in class on Thursday and would like to be counted as still in class, please send me an email by the end of the week.

Welcome to cs102 for Fall 2004. Announcements will be posted here.
John F. Santore