Grad Software Engineering Project 1.5


March  14th  at 11:59pm [don't let the apparent time fool you, you have break and your exam in this period so even though this should  (if you did a solid job on part 1) be not too painful; don't wait] 


You will get the chance to continue your odyssey in investigating apis, reading documentation, writing a program and writing tests for the program by extending your program. Hopefully you will get a more complete feel for the value of automated tests.


Take your project 1 and add a feature to it. You will create a map and plot the locations and number of job sites on the map in such a way that users can tell if there are more jobs in that area or less than last year.


Write this program in either


Some User Stories that you should satisfy.

Some additional requirements and hints.


Zip your entire project directory and submit the whole thing on blackboard.

Include in your zipped submission a file telling me how to run your tests using junit/unittest/pytest which unit and functional tests show your code to work and be error free.