Book Sites

Your Book's Website (Clean Code and its Successor)
BDD in action (another of your books for the class)

Test Driven Development with python (a really nice book on the subject - read it for free from the publisher - please consider buying it for your collection) - uses the older pyunit which is a port of the old Java Junit

Python testing with pytest A newer book on the same topic as the above with a new library

GitHub client
Git Client for Windows
Git Client for Mac

Collaboration Tools

Keeping up with your 'lifetime learning'

podcasts to make your commute or dog walking more productive:

Coder Radio - two perspectives on the independent contractor approach to making a software living

Talk python to me Widely considered the "best python podcast"

Python Bytes Short weekly news podcast for the python ecosystem

Programming Throwdown This one shows up on lots of lists of must listen programming podcasts

Software engineering Radio Run by IEEE one of the two big computer science professional organizations


From time to time I'll put my lecture notes up here - or yours. They are no substitute for you taking good notes, but if they help you are welcome to them.

Intro lecture/softskills admonition

Names/Code Metrics and Code reviews

What kind of developer will you be?

Intro to Version control and Test Driven Development

Clean Functions

Soft Skills: keeping the job

Examples to help with the project and hints on automated testing and pytest

Discussions on 'Clean' comments

More on automated testing<

Thinking about Clean Objects and classes

intellectual property part 1

code formatting

intro to BDD

third party code integration

BDDpart 2 - deep in gherkin

Object design with our friends encapsulation, coupling and cohesion

ONe last set on BDD Gherkin/cucumber etc

Processes and ethics stuff

handling complexity in large software projects

Student Presentations

Amanda's presentation on Continuous Integration

Mounika's presentation on Multisite Collaboration tools