Grad Software Engineering Project 1


Feb  14th  at 11:59pm


You will get the chance to investigate an api, read documentation, write a program and write tests for a program to get our initial creative juices flowing.


Hacker News is one of a few places on the web that is widely used by software and technical professionals to get curated technical news. Furthermore every month there is a thread that gets lots and lots of love (in the form of points) about hiring. On the first of every month a topic is posted with the title  "Ask HN: Who is hiring?" There are usually about a thousand comments on the topic, many are job postings, some are just comments. As Grad students you will programmatically ask Hacker News for this data and then analyze it using a program that is verified through the use of automated testing.


Write this program in either

If you really really really want to use a different language, talk to me, we'll see.


Zip your entire project directory and submit the whole thing on blackboard.

Include in your zipped submission a file telling me how to run your tests using junit/unittest/pytest which unit and functional tests show your code to work and be error free.