Capstone Project 1.5


March 14th at 11:59pm [don't let the apparent long time fool you, you have spring break and your exam in this period so even though this should  (if you did a solid job on part 1) be not too rough of a project,  don't wait] 


You will get the chance to continue your odyssey in investigating apis, reading documentation, writing a program and writing tests for the program by extending your program. Hopefully you will get a more complete feel for the value of automated tests.


In the first part of this project you scraped some data from stack overflow jobs for nearby jobs. But really, no one is interested in all of the nearby jobs.  So I'm going to provide a few user stories to help you expand the project (and then you can look at the Nitty-Gritty section below for more:

User stories to be supported

So you need to let the users enter a keyword or two and filter the results using that keyword.

You need to put up a map (MA and RI are the only places that you need to show, everything else is more than 50 miles away) and somehow show where these jobs are, be it a heat map, map pins or whatever. Be sure your mapping indicates how many job listings are in this location in some way. Stackoverflow is really good at forcing their advertisers to include a city for the job so you should have a fairly easy time with this.


Extend your existing program.


Zip your entire project directory and submit the whole thing on blackboard.